passion, quality and ideas

The constant quest for quality and innovation is at the heart of the Elma mission. We develop creative research approaches combined with impactful deliverables to delight our clients’ hearts and minds and help them keep their clinical and business strategy a step ahead of the competition.

our story

Elma was founded in 2008 by Elena Ripamonti and Massimo Massagrande as a market research agency specialising in pharma and healthcare. Since then, we have evolved into a full marketing and insight partner that uses insights to orchestrate design thinking and gamification workshops, trainings, educational materials and publishable content. We now deliver over 200 projects across 25 markets every year.

meet elma!

Elma is more than just a name. Energising, relatable, and confident, she represents all of us. A partner with a human face, putting herself on the line by your side.

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our approach

We leverage market research as a value engine across client teams. Our approaches catalyse effective and forward-looking decision-making across four main domains, covering the entire brand lifecycle


Unlocking sharper, better insights through higher participant engagement and proprietary techniques that disrupt current thinking for HCPs, patients or internal teams.


Staying ahead of changing HCP needs through agile methods that help you design distinctive and engaging customer experiences.


Tracking and enhancing the performance of your brand at different levels: prescription, perception, messaging and engagement touchpoints.


Elevating go-to-market strategies by co-creating initiatives that rest on sound HCP and patient understanding to deliver meaningful impact.

our reach

We cover all of your main markets from our three offices. With our trusted network of long-term local partners, we deliver localised results informed by deep understanding of each specific country and health system.