Tired of lengthy and rigid atu trackers? Welcome to the future of tracking!

Traditional online ATUs have been in place for over two decades. Although a few adaptive solutions have been implemented since, the underlying approach has become outdated amid the need for faster insights turnaround and increasingly challenging HCP recruitment. Focused predominantly on brand perceptions in isolation, these programmes failed to measure the causality link between customer engagements and prescribing outcomes.

Elma has developed a revolutionary holistic approach to brand tracking combining engagement and perceptions data to explain the causal link to prescribing outcomes.

Our approach leverages a combination of thought leadership, lateral thinking and use of digitalisation and automation to improve our clients’ decision-making through a more efficient, quicker and higher quality insights. Our solution brings emphasis back to factors within your control, by introducing regular monthly tracking and performance assessment of all brand-related activities and touchpoints (e.g. channels, frequency, type of communications etc.). A monthly dashboard reveals to our clients in real-time insights like “which activities are truly hitting the mark” and which are having the biggest impact on intentions to increase future usage.

This ‘customer engagement’ module is then directly linked to an annual ‘deep-dive’ assessment of brand perceptions (covering brand experience, brand access and reputation), which change less frequently, allowing our clients to maximize efficiency and effectiveness of their tracking programme.


Kyle Haynes
Senior Director
Head of International Quantitative Research