Our distinctive approach to Jobs-to-be-Done research

Have you ever heard of Jobs-to-be-Done (JTBD)? As a dynamic agency with a strong consultancy and customer legacy, we have developed a distinctive approach to JTBD research. JTBD research is a framework for understanding customer needs created in the USA. We have adopted this model in our research intending to drive value creation and innovation to help customers (HCPs, patients, caregivers, payors) achieve their goals.


In STEP 1 we analyse the context, so everything that influences the circumstances of a job to be done and we look at the expected outcomes of this job and how the person performing it will be measured. We can use different methodologies to achieve this such as digital diaries, online surveys, ethnographic research, or in-depth interviews. These findings are then translated into the JTBD Dimensions categorised in the areas of JTBD, Needs, and Value Drivers.

In STEP 2 we team up with the commissioning client and strategize around the JTBD opportunities, for example, we map the customer needs and value drivers on a matrix to identify the priority areas to concentrate on.

STEP 3 is about ideating possible solutions by leveraging the insights that have been gleaned. A great way to do this is via design thinking workshops which are a great way to involved cross-functional team members in an inclusive and engaging activity.


Gregg Quy
Senior Director
Head of International Business Unit