Introducing Arkimedes; segmentation framework for a new world

Introducing Arkimedes

A radical new approach to customer
segmentation and profiling

This thought-provoking webinar is a chance to learn about the Arkimedes framework, an innovative way to think about HCP profiling.

Traditional studies start at the level of the individual HCP and often struggle to go beyond basic descriptions of individual behaviour. Arkimedes takes profiling research to a new level, tapping into universal and validated archetypes deeply rooted in physicians’ everyday clinical practice.

This framework creates a compelling and detailed picture of what drives behaviour across different segments of customers, with a greater focus on understanding how to engage with and influence each of these segments.

Please, join us and our interesting guests!

Guest speakers

  • Simon Hill – BMS:
    -The Global Team Perspective
  • Cristiana Perone – Novartis:
    -The Local Team Perspective

Elma Research’s Hosts

  • Roberto Cortese (Head of International Business Unit):
    -How the model was conceived and developed
  • Gregg Quy (Head of International Qualitative Research):
    -Meet the three Arkimedes’ psycho-professional archetypes

The webinar will be held on 22nd September at 12:00 – 12:45 pm BST / 1:00 – 1:45 pm CEST

Gregg Quy
Senior Director
Head of International Business Unit