Introducing AgileHack; A dynamic new approach to multi-stakeholder co-creation

Introducing AgileHack

A dynamic new approach to multi-stakeholder co-creation

A powerful & agile evolution of the co-creation session as contemplated through tech-based design thinking. The AgileHack workshop includes a diverse set of stakeholders each addressing the same challenge from different but complementary perspectives. Sessions are exclusively solution focused with different teams competing to ideate resolutions to the same challenge.

Workshop session includes stakeholders not typically addressed in healthcare research, such as young professionals working in tech as well as university students specialising in innovation. Patients, HCPs & patient association representatives work together with these‘non-healthcare’ stakeholders to learn and borrow ideas that might be applied to patient support programmes. The synergy of multiple stakeholders interacting over an entire day provides an inspiring catalyst for new innovations not typical devised when speaking to patients or HCPs alone.

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Elma Research’s Host

  • Gregg Quy (Head of International Business Unit)

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Gregg Quy
Senior Director
Head of International Business Unit