InsightSpark – Quick expert advice on request in oncology and beyond

Complex business contexts and highly dynamic markets drive an increased need to access robust and agile intelligence at scale as questions arise throughout the brand planning process. Current solutions, however, fall short of providing this. Ad-hoc primary research is reliable but comes with long setup times. In contrast, specialist platforms are quicker but often fail to deliver insights beyond information.

InsightSpark is our new syndicated programme to overcome these limits and access experts at speed with the quality of ad-hoc market research. It’s a credit-based system. Elma collects KOL insights on an ongoing basis. The client can opt-in when needed, add their questions and get the results back in a few days.

As the study is syndicated, the setup is speedy and happens only once. The client can then use their credits immediately throughout the year. Pharmacovigilance approval is also not required.

We can recruit KOLs and other HCPs across many oncology indications in the EU, US, and Asia. Both qual and quant are available. Other disease areas will launch soon—the typical qual timeline: results available within ten days (recruitment included).

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Gregg Quy
Senior Director
Head of International Business Unit