Duality – Conflict to drive insight

Increasingly clients are looking for how to initiate disruptive methodologies in order to drive insight and understanding. This is especially true when reviewing or responding to TPP stimulus or sale rep material during qualitative discussions with HCPs. Clients are thirsty to understand true barriers, authentic triggers and strategic implications.

Introducing ‘Duality’ a conflict duo methodology designed to uncover critical assets and liabilities in relation to any product information.

The sessions are planned as such: Two HCPs (of similar professional standing) with different prescribing behaviour are individually interviewed simultaneously for 45 mins. They will discuss the current landscape of DISEASE X in terms of treatment and patient unmet needs. They will review TPP stimulus individually to understand individual reaction to data / relevance to personal circumstances. After the first round of separate interviews, the HCPs convene in a ‘duo’ conversation for a further 45 mins. Each HCP will initially be allocated a ‘role’ in either promoting the product or offering counter arguments. HCPs are asked to suspend their authentic beliefs of the TPP for a moment.

HCP1 will promote the TPP information as best they know how / simulating a sales rep interaction. HCP2 will offer critical counter arguments as best they know and as many as they can leverage. After this process have reach saturation point, the HCPs return to their ‘authentic’ beliefs.

The benefits of this methodology are as follows:

  • Expert-led discourse for and against sales rep information
  • Professional engagement (status driven context of professional performance in presence of peer)
  • Higher register of discussion (not ‘dumbed’ down to level of moderator)
  • Reaffirmation and summary of key levers and primary barriers to information (all summarised in one fashion)
  • Meta-analysis of content, helping bring HCPs on side of client to formulate strategy / implication

If you are looking to unearth authentic drivers and barriers to any material to be reviewed by HCPs, brought to life in a lively and engaging debate between two expert respondents, please get in touch with Gregg Quy to find out more.

Gregg Quy
Senior Director
Head of International Business Unit