EXPERIENCE_sm2 Elma has extensive experience in market research and consultancy projects in the pharmaceutical industry. Elma makes the most of qualitative and quantitative
methodologies, going beyond the traditional research patterns and developing innovative techniques, tailored to meet the needs of each and every company.
Elma’s research involves a broad range of targets: HCPs, pharmacists, payers and increasingly more patients, caregivers and patient organizations.


PARTNERS_sm2Elma has an exclusive partnership with Onda, the Italian national observatory for women’s health. Onda addresses the research and industry sectors, as well as politicians, authorities and institutions, stressing the importance of the research of the main diseases affecting women,
proposing preventing strategies and promoting a gender health awareness and culture.


Longitudinal live-tracking

A longitudinal study in direct contact with patients to provide a comprehensive understanding of their treatment journey. Patients are regularly monitored (for 6, 12 or 18 months) by us in order to track any changes and developments of the patient journey. This is a unique opportunity to unravel the mysteries of what can be complex disease areas.



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This technique provides an opportunity for clinicians to observe patients in an unusual setting (i.e. outside the constraints of doctor-patient consultations) and for you, the client, to gather unique and characteristic insights. This unconventional method enables clinician and client alike to reflect on the patients’ problems, needs and management.



Rather than recruiting your targets in a conventional sense to evaluate your ideas...Let them join with their peers! Therefore having an associative participation in the design process exploiting the creative potential of the “crowd”!
This method, originally applied to the consumer product market, has been successfully applied to the pharmaceutical sector by Elma, and goes beyond the traditional in order to formulate new concepts with a 360° appraisal.


Ethnographic Research

An entire day is spent 'living' with the patient gathering a comprehensive view of their daily life and routine.
Elma will not only observe, but also talk and listen to the patient to better understand their needs, attitudes, experience and behaviour.
The results are reflected not only with a presentation, but also with a documentary film of great emotional value and insight.


Bubble Speech Research

The doctor-patient dialogue can play a key role in a treatment’s success or failure. Find out how it takes place and what the expressed/unexpressed thoughts of both participants are. Elma seeks to explore both the cognitive-rational and the emotional-symbolic meanings of the dialogue.



Thanks to Elma’s unique ‘guess who’ evaluation, spotting the differences between physicians has never been easier: attitudes and emotions are easily uncovered providing accurate profile descriptions, a deep understanding of relevant variables and a tool that your sales forces' can apply to differentiate their targets by profile.
Identitest is a reliable identification tool that allows marketing departments to understand how best to interact with each physician and what the appropriate messages that will resonate most are.


KOL Mapping

This indispensable established practical tool for your marketing and medical departments can pin-point the KOLs and influencers at various tiers : International, National, Regional and Local (hospital).
The final deliverable is presented as an interactive dashboard so that you always have KOLs details close at hand!


fit 4 Pharma

When it feels as if your marketing and sales force functions have no more 'aces to play', perhaps feel helpless and are struggling to maintain one step ahead of the competition...It is time to try Elma's FIT 4 PHARMA, this technique is intended to optimise your decision-making processes. We will collaborate closely for over a day, in order to create a new strategy and understand risks and opportunities for your brand. With our creative techniques, Elma’s moderators will get you back into shape!



May look like a fun game of monopoly, but in fact it is a new and creative way to foster participant engagement and insight during group discussions. With 4 types of specifically designed cards, this technique is flexible and can be adapted to any research objective. The competitive setting encourages players to cooperative and find arguments beyond the ordinary and obvious. The end results are invaluable insight from fresh perspectives and a more exciting observer experience!



Ever wondered how web browsing shapes perception and behaviour in healthcare? Webspy is an inventive methodology designed to track what patients and physicians look for online by following their navigation path in a real-life setting. While surfing the web, participants’ expressions and comments are recorded and synched to their browsing, which then become thought-provoking stimuli for a follow-up group discussion. The result? An accurate analysis of the navigation experience accompanied by insightful feedback.



Gets you close to the competition and gives you that extra push to stand out and stay on top. Initiatives taken by your competitors are monitored and collected through an intensive web follow-up with a panel of physicians. Material collected are then put together and analysed via a semi-structured quantitative survey. The end result is a digital catalogue of all initiatives launched by each competitor along with insight on their approach taken for that therapy area.